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Your donation to the whatcom Hospice Foundation can make a world of difference.

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Your donation to Whatcom Hospice Foundation ensures that every patient in Whatcom County in need of Hospice services will receive the care they require, regardless of ability to pay.

Donations to the Foundation help provide:

  • Charity care and under-reimbursed care
  • Medications, therapies and comfort items not covered by insurance
  • Education programs for volunteers and family members
  • Specialized medical equipment
  • Bereavement services and spiritual care
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    A gift of stock can help the foundation achieve its goal of providing care regardless of ability to pay.


    A gift through your will can make a substantial contribution to the foundation’s mission of hospice care.

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    Charitable lead trusts and charitable remainder trusts can help take advantage of important tax benefits when donating.

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    Molly’s Story

    The inspiring story of Molly, a hospice patient who was able to enjoy a higher quality of life thanks to the care provided by Whatcom Hospice and the support of the generous donors like you.

    – In Memory of Molly Gardiner –


    Attending, sponsoring or hosting an event are all great ways to give to hospice.

    Our Fiscal Year 2017 Donors

    Whatcom Hospice Foundation gratefully acknowledges the many donors and sponsors who so generously supported Hospice programs in Fiscal Year 2017. Gifts are listed by donor category and reflect gifts made during the period of July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

    Thank you!


    Gifts of $1,000 or more.

    The Estate of Leon Ashmead Alpaugh

    Lorelei and Frank Chambers

    Lochland Foundation

    Peoples Bank

    Riverstyx Foundation


    Birch Equipment Rental & Sales

    Sharyn and Jay Bornstein

    Comerica Wealth Management

    Dawson Construction

    Hillcrest Chapel

    Ray Hufnagel

    Donna and John Inglis

    Lummi Indian Business Council

    Stephanie Mills

    Carolyn and Paul Scott

    W. Robert Simpson

    Statement Apparel

    Claude Blackburn & Family

    Yanolla and Sam Boulos

    Maureen and Frederic Braun, MD

    Brooks Manufacturing Co.

    CSS Communications

    Midge Dawson

    Dan Dugas

    Harriett Green

    Jill and Jim Hall

    Cindi Holmstrom

    Sylvia and Dennis Holmstrom

    Hotel Bellwether

    Kathy and Guy Jansen

    Lumber and Lace Ball

    Mills Electric Company

    Patsy Morin

    Laurie and Craig Mullarky

    Mary and Pat Patterson

    Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery

    Bonnie J. Rice

    TRICO Office Interiors

    Tammy and David Yorkston

    Yorkston Oil Company, Inc.

    Alcoa Intalco Works

    Judy and Philip Andress


    Anvil Corporation

    Apex Foundation

    Anne and Rich Appel

    Ruth Appel

    Applied Digital Imaging

    Laurie Arndorfer, MD and Mike Arndorfer

    Susan and\ Everett Babbitt

    Lisa and Bob Bailey

    Banner Bank

    Baron & Company

    Lynne and Gerald Baron

    Barron Smith Daugert, PLLC

    Erin and Hank Baumgart

    DeeDee and Ken Bell

    Bellingham Cold Storage

    Bellingham Elks Lodge #194

    Bellingham Marine Industries

    Benevity Community Impact Fund

    Cheryll and David Blair

    Rosemary Bolster and\ Larry McCarter

    Boundary Bay Brewery

    Michael D. Bradburn

    Bramble Berry, Inc. Soap Making Supplies

    Jean and Dale Brandland

    Kirsten Barron and Steve Brinn

    Olga Brobyn

    Sandra Meeker-Brown and Jon Brown

    Robert Brown

    Brownlie Evans Wolf & Lee

    Douglas Campbell

    Robert Carpenter

    Ken Carrasco

    Mary Jane and Frank Chmelik

    Chmelik Sitkin & Davis, P.S.

    Ellen Clothier

    Columbia Bank, Bellingham Branch

    Sara Colyer-Hill and Keenan Hill

    Betty and Glenn Cribbs

    Ginny and Terry Crump

    Crystal Creek Logistics, Inc.

    Curt Maberry Farm

    Jo and Jon Dallas

    Alicia and George Dauber

    Suzanne and Brad Davison

    Kelli and Roger DeSpain

    Teresa and Peter Dillon, MD

    Heidi Doornenbal

    Matt Dorsch, DDS

    Elva and Mike Douma

    Dunham Cellars

    Dunkin & Bush, Inc.

    Donna and Dick Hawley

    Linda and Richard Edie

    Enfield Farms, Inc.

    Hilary and Bryant Engebretson

    Howard E. Engle, Jr.

    Amy and Brett Esary

    Esary Roofing & Siding Co. Inc.

    Estate of Wilma Lou Higgins

    Fairway Drug

    Fanatik Bike Co.

    Kat Southam and\Nick Fay

    Pamela Hunnicutt and Larry Feeney

    Mimi and John Ferlin

    Marion R. Foote

    Rosemarie E. Francis

    Carol K. and Dominic Garguile

    Garys’ Mens and Womens Wear

    Glassybaby, LLC

    William Grace

    Erin and Eric Graham

    Greenberry Industrial

    Janis and Bruce Gustafson

    Tung Ha, MD

    Haskell Corporation

    Gordon P. Hayes, Jr.

    Brenda Higgins Moberg

    Susan and Eric Hirst

    Rosa and Mike Hoagland

    Pamela Hooper

    Liz and John Howe

    Jo and Thomas Hudson

    Hunnicutt’s Inc

    Tanna and John Huntley

    Robert Hyman

    Icy Strait Seafoods

    IMCO General Construction, Inc.

    Michael Impero

    Ken Imus

    Industrial Credit Union

    Industrial Supply, Inc.

    Irongate Machine, Inc.

    Margaret Jacobson, MD and Richard McClenahan, MD

    Elena and Dan Johnson

    Michelle and Jack Johnson

    Linda Kane

    The Keith Verbrugge Memorial Fund

    Lynette and Chet Kenoyer

    King Volvo

    Diane Kirchner-Scott

    Rose and Alan Knutson

    Jennifer and Jerry Koehler

    Jennifer and Mike Kutcher

    Dawn and\ Dr. Barry Landau

    Susie and Doug Landsem

    Larson Gross, PLLC CPAs & Consultants

    Kelly and Koelle Leenstra

    Cuquita and Mark W. Lindsay

    The Honorable Jack Louws and Cindy Louws

    Leslie and Ed Lowery

    Ludtke-Pacific Trucking

    Joan and Bruce Mackay, MD

    Management Services Northwest

    David F. Marsh

    Matrix Service, Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCampbell

    Jerry McClellan

    McEvoy Oil

    Marcia and Tim McEvoy

    Michelle and Dan McIntee

    Nancy and Duane McNett

    Bunny Iovan and Clifford Melton

    Drusilla Morrow and Tim Okon

    Mt. Baker Kidney Center

    Lynn Torno and\ Dennis Murphy

    Tonja Myers and Douglas Clark

    Napa Bellingham Auto Parts

    Penny and Michael Nelsen, DDS

    Debra and Steve Nelson

    Brenda and\ Dr. Rob Nicholson

    Raymond Nordby

    Northwest Energy Systems of Washington, Inc.

    Northwest Health Care Linen

    Northwest Propane, LLC

    Northwest Radiologists, Inc. P.S.

    Northwestern Mutual

    The Oregon Community Foundation

    Overhead Door Co

    Pacific Tank and Body

    Papé Machinery

    PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center

    PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation

    Chris Peach

    Sue and Jim Peeples

    PFC, Manufacturing for Industry

    Sally and Ray Poorman

    Audra and Bob Pritchett

    RAM Construction General Contractors, Inc.

    Julie Ranson and Mark Greenberg

    Paul Razore

    Tamara and Scott Renne

    Julie M. Florida and Anthony D. Repanich

    Rice Insurance LLC

    Shellea Swan and John Richards

    Kathleen Richardson

    Rhonda and Tim Rinn

    Ralph H. Rinne, MD

    Robert D. Hickok Sr. Estate

    Robinson Family Living Trust

    Sarah Rothenbuhler

    Sahota Mart III, Inc.

    Lynea Sande

    Karen and Jim Sands

    Saturna Capital

    SB&C, Ltd.

    Debbie and Robert Seabury

    Semiahmoo Ladies Club

    Seven Sisters, Inc

    Benjamin Sheppard

    Gordon Shriver

    Sheila Siebert

    Silicon Valley Community Foundation – Tesaro Employee Engage

    Lisel Silk

    Shari Mays and Jon Sitkin

    Skagit Bank

    Sound Beverage, Inc.

    Karen and Phil Spencer

    Janet Starkenburg

    Starvin Sam’s #16

    State Street Thrift & Vintage

    Robin and Joseph Stephens

    Sterling Financial Corp.

    Shaun Sullivan, MD

    Stacy Sullivan

    Sween Ranch, Inc

    Holly and Peter Telfer, MD

    Thomas and Martina Horn Foundation

    Ginger and Shaun Thompson

    Nancy and Rick Tieman

    Tucker Family Foundation

    Andrea Tull

    Betty and Robert Tull

    Kath, Pete, Lynn and Carl Turnau

    Ultra Tank Services, Inc.

    United Way of King County

    Gladys and John VanBoven

    Joanne and Gaylon Vanderyacht

    Lori Venners

    Harriet Vernon

    VSH Certified Public Accountants

    Pattie and Karl Washburn

    WesSpur Tree Equipment

    Westford Funeral Home

    Whatcom Community Foundation, Susan and Loch Trimingham Fund

    Whatcom Community Foundation, Brian & Marya Griffin Fund

    Whatcom Community Foundation, Meg Metzger Fund

    Whatcom Educational Credit Union

    Whatcom Environmental Services

    Lynn and Douglas Wight

    George Wilkins

    Windermere Foundation

    Windermere Property Management

    Patricia Yaude

    Karen and Perry Zender


    Gifts of $500-$999.

    Lorraine and Jon Allison

    Michael J. Anderson

    Marie and John Andrews


    Associated General Contractors

    Aridana and William Baader, MD

    Brian Backler

    Erin Baker

    Barnabas Foundation

    Drs. Amy and Brad Bearden

    Judy and Dale Bedlington


    Karen and Donald Berry, MD

    Boeing Company Employee Individual Giving Program

    Barbara Boothby

    Denise and Rick Bosman

    Jacqueline Ann and Thomas Broselle

    Builders Alliance

    Christy and Jeff Callender

    The Cambia Health Foundation

    Cascade Ambulance Service

    Nettie Clouthier

    Becky and Dr. Paul Connor

    Linda and Guy Coons

    Shari Cummins, MD and David Cummins, DDS

    Cori and Troy Curran

    Barbara and John Curry

    Gerri Dale

    Katherine and Dan Deets

    Sheryl and Brad DeHaan

    Terry DeValois

    Danielle and Victor Devlin

    Conni and Robert Diehl

    Anneke and Michael DiSpigno

    Jennifer Dodge

    Carrie and Stan Dyer

    George Dyson

    Marie Eaton

    Donna G. and Steve Edquist

    Shary and John Ennen

    Lynda Erickson

    Dixie Evans

    Mary and Laury Evans

    Jenny Faber

    Tim Feenstra

    Elaine and Larry Feldcamp

    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Peter Arneil Charitable Fund

    Judith Fox

    Lindsie Fratus and Nathan Thomas

    Friese Hide & Tallow Co.

    George J. Donatello Trust

    Lisa and Tim Goering

    Kathy and Dave Green

    Gail and Marty Haines

    Kathleen Hallett

    Lurline and Jerry Hammer

    Ardell Hanowell

    Brenda and Barry Hanson

    Allison and Ted Harris

    Glen Harvey

    Carolyn Anne and Jim Haupt

    Jim Hawkins

    Marcy G. Hipskind, MD and\ John Costanti

    Drs. Susan and James Holstine

    Susan and Steve Hunnicutt

    Patti and Frank Imhof

    Dr. Margaret Jacobson, M.D.

    Shelley James

    Bree Johnston, MD and Steve Lyons

    Johnstone Supply

    Debra and Dave Jones

    Christopher M T Jorgensen

    Deborah and Nick Kaiser

    John Kelley

    Gail and John Kelly

    Jeanine and Roger Kennedy

    Clara Kiel

    Theresa and John Kingman

    Danielle Kizer, MD and David Schneider

    Bonnie and Bryan Korthuis

    Anne and Barry Kramer

    Kathryn and Rich Kraynak

    Brian Kruhlak

    Linda and Wayne Landis

    Tom Laughlin

    Bernetta and Cal Leenstra

    Helen and Chih Li

    Marie and Richard Little

    Deborah M. Loober, CPA

    June and Donald Lord

    Barbara and Gregory Lykke

    Josh and Allie Macomber

    William L. Maris

    Geralyn Marley

    Elizabeth and Lyle Martin

    Mike McCallum

    Amy and Phelps McIlvaine

    Carol Lager and Jim Metzler

    Natalie and Jeb Miller

    Sherry Miller

    Julie and Dennis Moody

    Rosemary and Shayne Mora, MD

    Mishele and Ben Myers

    Marilyn Krabbe and Dave Nasman

    Kristen Larson and Jeffrey Newcomer

    Diane and Arlan Norman

    Lennie Hawley and Richard Olson

    Kris and Christine Palmerton

    Drs. Ingeborg Paulus and Roy Potter

    Anne Marie and Chris Peach

    Pamela and Stephen Pederson

    Barbara and Craig Penfold

    Carol Pepper-Kittredge

    Virginia and Edd Perry

    Susan and Mike Perry

    Sharon and Dr. Ralph Peterson

    Petrochem Inc.

    Ronald and Janis Pierce

    Geraldine and John Pogue

    Anne and Rob Rasmussen

    Jon and Tessa Rawitzer

    Chandra and Mark Ridenhour

    Kathy and Dan Robbins

    Lisa Robertiello

    Donna Robinson

    Cynthia S. Roeters

    B Ross

    Elizabeth Rumford

    Susan and Deane Sandell

    Carol Sandvig

    Karen D. and Michael Sansregret

    Margaret and Fred Schacht

    Cindy and David Schmidt

    Tina and\ Marcus Schumacher

    Ivan Schwartz

    Ruth Shuster

    Joel Skarbo

    Addie and Robert Smethurst

    Orphalee Smith

    Carol and Bob Snowball


    State of Washington, Office of Secretary of State

    Julie and Ron Stewart

    Carol and Jon Stromberg

    Jane Talbot and Kevin Williamson

    DJ and Debra Tapley

    Paula and Faruk Taysi

    Esther and Hal Templin

    Christine M. Thompson

    Jennifer and William Thompson

    Linda and Nigel Thomson

    Kari and Terry Todd

    Bonnie and Roland Trenouth, MD


    U.S. Bank

    United Way of Whatcom County

    Kathe Vago

    Lisa A. Van Wingerden

    Nathan Vickers

    Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

    Whatcom Comm. Foundation, Paul and Jean Tholfsen Fund

    Amy Whiting and Warren Rosenthal

    Robin and Dennis Williams

    Anita and Gerald Wiseman

    Susan Wood

    Robert Wooten

    Mark Wright

    Stacey Zierath

    Peggy and Eugene Zoro

    Sue and George Zuck


    Gifts of $100-$499.

    Marjorie and Keith Adams

    Mary and Charles Adams

    Norma Adkison

    Jeff Albers

    Blake Allen

    Jim and Darcy Allsop

    Al’s Maintenance Concepts

    Reg Alvord

    James R. Anable

    Jill Anderson

    Linda Andrews

    Robert Andrews


    Nora Beth B. Arnett

    Pam and Alan Artman

    Sheila Atwater

    Thomas Aughe

    Nancy Avery and Samuel Curd

    Linda and Ron Bahr

    Wilna and Robert Baisden

    Bakke Family

    Juan Baldovinos

    Beverly Baller

    Colette and Joseph Barnett

    Margaret and Sid Baron

    Margaret Barrett

    Barbara Barron

    Catherine and John Barth

    Patricia Bartz

    Betty and John Basham

    Tanya and Jim Baumgart

    Barbara and Mark Bauthues

    William Bawn

    Diane and Robert Becker

    Kathryn Beesley

    Sheryl and William Begue

    Jane and Andy Bell

    Wendy and Clinton Bell

    Merle Beller

    Bellewood Acres

    Bellingham Bar and Grill

    Bellingham Dermatology Clinic

    Bellingham Harborview Lions Club

    Naomi and Allan Bergh

    Stephen E. Beringer

    Sally Bishop

    Diane Blake

    Norman Blake

    Patricia C. Blake

    Lynda and Bob Blakely

    Peggy and\ Dr. Sherrill Blankenship

    Sandra and Dean Blinn

    Judy Blum Anderson

    Blythe Plumbing and Heating Inc.

    Alden P. Bodtke

    Bogaard Hay Co.

    Pat and Del Bosman

    Pat and Oddie Bowen

    Pamela Bowles

    Phyllis and Victor Bradbury

    Sue Bravard

    Sharon Brennan

    Gregg Brethauer

    Peggy and Michael Bridgman

    Marilyn and Greg Bring

    Myrtle Brooks

    Christopher Brown

    Karla M. Brown

    Kathleen and Martin Brown

    Vernon Brown

    Janet Brynjolfsson

    Donna and Dr. Allan Buehler

    Bobbie and Stuart Bullock

    L Burford

    Susan and Frank Burgler

    Lauri Jean Burke

    Pat Burman

    J. Hope Burse

    Carole Burton

    Kenneth E. Burton

    Diann and Max Bussard

    Sue and Larry Bussinger

    Janet Kelly and\ Eric Caffi

    Phyllis Cairns

    Lisa and Paget Campbell

    Pat Campbell

    Marti Caputi

    Nadine and James Carberry

    Jackie and Dave Carpenter

    Heather and Martin Carter

    Phyllis and Clyde Cary

    Ms. Margaret Casey

    Peggy and Gary Cassidy

    Evelyn Catron

    Chris Chads

    Eleanore Chamberlain

    Janet and Ray Chapman

    Wendy C. Bevan

    Donna L. Christianson

    Kathy and Leonard Christoffer

    Terence Clark

    Julie and Steven Clarke

    Suzie and Ross Clement

    Theresa and Mark Cockrell

    Jolie Cole

    Mary and James Compton

    Construction Supply Co. Inc.

    Karen and Jess Cook

    Dennis Corfee

    Karen Coughlin

    Kathy Coupens

    Ruby Cramb

    Gladys Crnich

    Kathy and Randy Cross

    Dr. Sara Cuene and Dr. Robert Watson

    Gary Culbertson

    Marilyn G. Cunningham

    Sharon Dale

    Dan Daniels

    Jean and John Daniels

    Karyn and Harry Daniels

    Anita and Wesley Dargatz

    Christine and Don Davidson

    Barbara and\ Dr. Melvin Davidson

    Corrine and Scott Davis

    Janet Dawson

    Pete Dawson

    DBA Marlinservices

    Richard J De Waard

    Susan and Roderick Dean

    Dorothy DeGolier

    Marlene and Jay DeGroot

    Walt Dekraai

    Jerrilynn DeKriek

    Nora Demmert

    Gerald and Connie Den Adel

    Shirley DePonte

    Carol and Thomas Derleth, MD

    Erica and Nolan Devidson

    Dave DeYoung

    Elaine E Dick

    Larry Diebert

    Diehl Ford

    Carolyn Dinnis

    Sarah and John Doesburg

    Marian D’Onofrio

    Georgia and Larry Donovan

    Lori and R. Scott Dorough

    Kathy and Jeff Dorr

    Judy and David Drake

    James Duemmel

    Kathleen Duggan

    Rita Dunn

    Dawn C. Durand

    Jan and Eric Dustrude

    Minda H. Eadie-Wilson

    Leonard J. Ebe

    Terry and Jacqueline Ebert

    Janet and Willard Edison

    Betty and Charles Eichenberger

    Kirsten and Kirk Eid

    Tami and Greg Eiford

    Carol and Robert Elder

    Lorraine and Bill Emley

    Pamela Englett

    Sharon Ensslen

    Karen and Lee Erickson

    Ernest E Thomas Living Trust

    Estate of Duane W. Haug

    Jaci and Jeffrey Evans

    Expedia Inc.

    Richard Fagan

    Farmers Equipment Company

    Carol and Terry Feist

    Connie and Jack Fink

    Koreen Fish

    Karen and Donald Fisher

    Richard Fisher

    Riechelle Fishwild

    Robert J.Fix

    Heather Flaherty

    Jack Flancher

    Marilyn and James Flinn

    Alice Foley

    Arline T. Fonda

    Fourth Corner Nurseries

    Michelle and Adam Foy

    Jan and John Francis

    Cathy and Brent Francisco

    Jean and Richard Francisco

    Terry and Randy Frank

    Anne and Clifford Freeman

    Carolyn Robbins and William L. Freeman, MD

    Debra and John Frey

    Catherine D. Galentin

    Pat and Marshall Gartenlaub

    LaDonna and Clayton George

    Jennifer and Patrick Geracie

    Tony Giammusso

    Robert P. Gibb, MD

    Janet and Wesley Gibbs

    Brigitte and Ralph Gier

    Marilyn and Allan Gill

    Dianne and Dennis Gillespie

    Sylvia and Bruce Gillett

    Joan and Paul Glasser

    Daniel Glaze

    Pamela and Gary Glaze

    Cris Gonzales, MSN, RN

    Ann and Lee Gorsuch

    Karen and James Grafmyre

    Grant Enterprises

    Ilene and Dave Green

    Wallace Green

    Jacqueline Greenman

    Colleen and Clint Griffeth

    Rose and Bill Griffin

    Nancy Grigsby

    Susan and John Groves

    Cheryl Bill Gunter

    Carren Guthrie

    Cheryl and Tom Hahney

    Cristine Hall

    Linda and Robert Hamstra

    Marta and Gary Hand

    JoAnn Hanesworth

    Gloria Hardan

    Nancy and Timothy Harder

    Kathleen Harksell

    Rachael Harper

    Bonnie Harrington

    Wayne Harrington

    Helen and Richard Harris

    Carolyn Harrison

    April Hashimoto

    Mary Jane Hashisaki

    Cynthia Hasselblad

    Catherine and Everitt Hatfield

    Melissa Hauschild

    Patricia and Dale Haveman, MD

    Adelene Haverhals

    Helen and Michael Hawkes

    Maureen and John Hawkins

    Donna and Dick Hawley

    Beth Hawthorne

    Jerry Haynes

    Jean L. Heeringa

    Tricia and Ryan Heeringa

    Mary Heiken

    The Heiken Trust

    Hempler Foods Group

    Patricia and Bob Henifin

    Carol and William Henshaw

    Teri and Bill Hewett

    Gary Hewitt

    Linda and Alfred Heydrich

    Elizabeth Hibbs

    Donna and Gerald Hickok

    Joel Hile

    Michael Hjarne

    Dale L Hoag

    Deborah and Richard Hoffman

    Marlyce Hogan

    Ron Hogan

    Emma Holliday

    Claudia and Daniel Hollod

    Margery and Thomas Holsather

    Myrna and Harold Holz

    Catharine Vader and Peter Homann

    Home Attendant Care, Inc.

    Leonard Homel

    William Hood

    Joanne Hooff

    Anne and Bill Hopkins

    Darlene and Norman Hornbeck

    Jeanine and John Horner

    Mary Horton

    Immetje Howard

    Vicki and Travis Huisman

    Institute for Emergency Medical Education

    Helen Iverson-Metzger

    Cherilyn and Edward Jackson

    Kathi and Dean Jackson

    Kristin Jackson and Corey Isbell

    Micki Jackson

    June Jaeger

    Betty and Dale James

    Linda James

    Pat and Gordon James

    Timothy D. James

    Deborah Jarry

    Jay Shilhanek, Inc. P.S

    Sharon and Eric Jensen

    Sheryl and Soren Jensen

    Carol Jessa

    Julie Johansen and Bob Moles

    Beverly Johanson

    Dennis Johns

    Kenneth and Judith Johnson

    Lylene and John Johnson

    James R. Johnston

    Laurie Jones

    Monte Lynn Jordan

    Virginia Jorgensen

    Brenda Juntunen


    Brooke Kaemingk

    Jean Kaemingk

    Emmeline Kaiser

    Bonnie Karb

    Cathy and Bill Kelly

    Ryan and Shannon Kettman

    Key Living Trust

    Ken Kimball

    Ronda and Frank Kincaid

    Karen King

    Joann and Steve Kink

    Cheryll and Dale Kinsley

    Susan Kipelidis

    Steve Kirk

    Mika and Paul Kitamura

    Nona Klander

    Jan Klineburger

    Dr. Kenneth and Margie Kloehn

    Katheren Koehn

    Anne Konstad

    Peggy and Carl Koskela

    Barbara and Randy Kraght

    Linda and\ Dr. Richard Krebs

    Milton Krieger

    Johanna Krouzian

    Nancy Kuehnoel and Mark Proulx

    Margaret and John Kweder

    Mona and George La Pold

    Kenneth E. Langel

    Bernadette Langen and Michael Peters

    Joyce and David Langley

    Martha Anne Lapp

    Bridget Larsen

    Danielle and Tony Larson

    Linda Laub

    Amy Lawson

    Joseph Leighton

    Tammy and Joseph Linn

    Patricia Little

    Vicki Jo and John Lootens

    Alta Louws

    Kathy and Paul Lovdahl

    Lynden Manor

    Pamela and Steven Lyng

    Jo and David Maas

    Patricia MacDonald

    Georgia and Bob MacGregor

    Connie MacKenroth

    Grant Mackimmie

    Catherine Madigan

    Daryl Madill and Steven Globerman

    Marilyn and R.E. Mahan

    Jerry Main

    Sarah Malby

    Jospeh Mallahan

    Dorothea and William Mancha

    The Family of Manjit Grewal

    Maple Leaf Chapter #58

    Sydney and Troy Markus

    John Mason

    Barbara Mathers-Schmidt and Robert Schmidt

    Matia Contractors, Inc.

    William Matthews VFW Aux #1585

    Mary C. Matyas

    Bev and Dan Mayhew

    Joy McCaw

    Mary and Ken McCluskey

    Stephanie McCullough

    Aileen McDonnell Mackay

    Karen Sue McElliott

    Rob McKissick

    James McLeod

    Marilyn and John McMillan

    Elaine and Michael McRory

    Margaret and Tom McVie

    VerLee Meenk

    Carol and James Meetze

    Beth and Robert Mepham

    Denise Merrifield

    John Merrill

    Brian and Kathryn Merris

    Michael C. Mast Insurance

    Gail Miller

    Joan and Michael Miller

    Norma Miller

    Ralph E Miner

    James Mishalani

    Karen and Eric Mittet

    Eric Moe

    Marilyn and Robert Monahan

    Michele and Paul Montgomery

    Susan Moore

    Jody and Eric Morgan

    Amy Kraham and Gib Morrow, MD

    Patricia A. Morse

    Jeanette and Robert Morse

    Amanda Morton

    Mt. Baker Nurses Assn. District No. 1

    Jacqueline and John Mumma, MD

    Linnet Murray

    Richard Myhre

    Jill Nagle

    Samuel Nakamura

    Cyndy Nasman

    Sue and Charles Nelson

    Karna Nelson

    Kim and Dan Newell

    Shirley Fuller Nielsen

    Michelle and Sven Nilsen

    Teri and Gordon Nonhoff

    Karen and Fred Norman

    Northwest Washington Medical Society

    NW Chapter, Land Surveyor’s Assoc. of Washington

    NWM Financial Services, Inc.

    Theresa O’Connor

    Margaret O’Halloran

    Alan Olson

    Lori Olson

    Norman Oss

    Jan E. Overland

    Pacific Surveying & Engineering, Inc.

    Catherine and M. Cary Painter

    Linda L. Palmer

    Phyllis Palmer

    Margaret and Irving Park

    Sherri and Ted Parker

    Sally and Dan Parsons

    Ethelyn Payne

    Donald Pearson

    Lois Pearson

    Imogene Pederson

    Karin and Bill Pelan

    Patricia D. Perry

    Nola Chavez and Stephen F. Personius

    Toni and David Petch

    Cynthia and\ Dr. Dana Petersen

    Patricia Peterson

    Patricia and Kenneth Pettichord

    PGA New Jersey Section

    Dr. Maggie Mamolen and Chris Phillips

    Kathleen and Kenneth

    Ann and Donald Pilcher

    Julee and Joe Pitalo

    Martha and Tom Piwonka

    Krisinda and Jamie Plenkovich

    Judith and George Plucinski

    Dorothy and Scott Polinder

    Mary and Pete Postlewait

    Marlene Potocnik

    Delores Price

    Sharon and Richard Prieve

    Masae and Rex Radcliff

    Chiyoko and Raymond Radke

    Mary Raines and Brian Williams

    Janine and Vic Randall

    Lisa Rapetti

    Rochelle and Carl Ratcliff

    Karen and Mike Reed

    Diane and Elgio Regala

    Charlotte and Robert Rehpohl

    Suzanne Reynolds

    Joseph Riccio

    Julie Richardson

    Mary Lou Richardson

    Sue and Ken Richardson

    Brett Richmond

    Marilyn and Larry Richner

    Marion and Robert Ritchie

    Joyce and Curtis Robinson

    Julie and Robert Robinson

    Donna Robson

    Richard Robson

    Shirley Rocheleau

    Joyce Rogers

    Carmen and Jay Rollins

    Barbara and Ralph Romano

    Roxie and Keith Roosma

    Ann and Jack Root

    Scott Rorvig

    Rosewood Villa LLC

    Carol Roy

    Roy, Simmons, & Parsons P.S

    Martha and Pete Ruese

    Tina and James Ruff

    Karen Ruggles

    Kimberly and Glenn Sakuma

    Gayle and Ray Salisbury

    Sarah Mchugh Attorney at Law

    Kay Sardo

    Steve Sari

    Sherrie Sato

    Keven and Larry Satterlee

    Rebecca Schlotterback

    Abby and Mark Schmidt

    Saralee and Dennis Schneck

    Betsy and Michael Schneider

    Linda Schuck

    Kay and Fred Schuhmacher

    Joan E. Schultheiss

    Christel and Dave Scott

    Rodger Seid

    Elizabeth and Herbert Seils

    Deborah and Dale Severson

    Dawn Sue and\ Frederick Sexton

    Sheet Metal Workers Local #66

    Jeanette and Lavern Sheets

    Lora Sherman, MD

    Dororthy and Tom Sherwood

    Doris Shoemaker

    Linda Short

    Steve and Kathy Sible

    Patricia and Robert Simpson

    Mary E. Sizer

    Jane and Paul Slager

    Maureen Smeder

    Jacquelyn Smith

    Jean Smith

    Kelvin C. Smith

    Lucille Smith

    Shirley and Lyle Smith and Family

    Norma Smith

    Rita Smith

    Shirley Smith

    Ray Soderlund

    Nancy and Larry Solheim

    Mary Solum

    Carol Sondalle

    Harriet A. Spanel

    Susan Spaniol

    Mary Montgomery and Gary Sparling

    Marion and Thomas Spicher

    Sarah Spinks

    Lola Spitz

    Meade Sprouse

    Jayne St. Croix

    Joan Staats

    Femmy and Ted Stannard

    Kathy Stauffer and Stan Bianchi

    Ms. Nancy Steiger and Mr. Jackson Helsloot

    Gayle and Donald Steinke

    John D. Stephens, MD

    Lori and Tom Stieve

    Patricia and Nicholas Stigliani

    Maurice and Anita Stoffer

    Ann Marie Stone

    Mary and Dan Stoneman

    Lisa and Steve Strachila

    Karla Strand

    Swanny and Kenneth Strand

    Holly and Matthew Studley, MD

    Susan and Stephen Swank

    Gwynn Swigart

    Mary Ann Taormina

    Linda Taplin

    Marybeth and Dr. Warren Taranow

    Carol and Jim Taxdahl

    Maria Taylor

    Jean Taylor-Byers

    Karen and Terry Telgenhoff

    Helen Terpsma

    Eleanor M. Thompson

    Barb and James Thompson

    Edwin Thorp, DDS, MSD

    David Thorud

    Karen and Darrel Timmer

    Treena Tipton

    Cindy and Robert Tobiason

    Shirley and Richard Todhunter

    Brenda and Rodney Topel

    Jullie Turner

    Audrey Ulm

    Katherine and\ William Unrein, Jr.

    Penny and Russ Van Buren

    Mary Ann and Allen Vanderveen

    Jane VanVoorst

    June and Dennis Veith

    Freda Visser

    Stacy Walker

    Ronald Walsh

    Sherrill and Dr. Brian Walters

    Nancy Warwick

    Wasilewski Family Trust

    Linda and John Watkins

    Barbara Watts

    Barbara Weaver

    Meg and Scott Weber

    Dawn Weidenaar

    Linda and Larry Weidkamp

    Karen Hulford and Bob Weihe

    Kirt Wentz

    Frances Westergreen

    Bonnie and Tom Westergreen

    Whatcom Builders, Inc.

    Whatcom County Association of REALTORS®

    Annette Whitaker

    Kristen and John Whitehead

    Jerry Wickwire

    Ada and Don Wiersma

    Ronell Wight

    Daniel Wilkerson

    Jonathan Wilkerson

    William Matthews VFW Auxillary 1585

    Amanda and Dr. Robert Williams

    Beverly and William Williams

    Bethany and Robert Williamson

    Troy and Sarah Wills

    Maggie Willson

    Joyce Wilson

    Kathie and Steve Wilson

    Bobbie Wiseman

    Edward C. Wisniewski

    Amy Wolsdorf

    Kayleen and Larry Yager

    Joan and Wayne Youngquist

    Sara and Michael Yow

    Lynne and Andy Yurovchak

    Romayne Zanchi

    Kelly Zender

    Rena and David Ziegler

    Sue and Rodney Zoske


    Gifts of less than $100.

    Roger Abbe

    Margie and Rick H Abbott

    Norma and Pete E Acalin

    Sharon Adams

    Barbara and Ray Addicott

    Marsha and Thomas Adkins

    Norma Adkinson

    Trish and David Akana

    Marge and Gary Almy

    Susan and Dick Ambrose

    Evelyn Ames, PhD

    Amethyst Interactive

    Mary Jane and Cary Anderson

    Dorothy E. Anderson

    Ellie and Vern Anderson

    June Anderson

    Carol and John Anderson

    Judy Anderson

    Linda and Kurt Anderson

    Ms. Lisa Anderson and Mr. Bradley Andrus

    Teresa and David Anderson

    Brian Andrews

    Patty Andrews

    Maryann and Russell Angus


    Roxy and Roger Anthony

    Antique Auto Restorers Club of Bellingham

    Lois and Arvin Apol

    Jeanette and Richard Armstrong

    Jeanne and Ronald Arntzen

    Kimberly and Phil Assink

    Patricia and R.E. Atkinson

    Christine and Andrew Backus

    Mary Baginski

    Judy and Craig Bailey

    Donna and Alvin Bajema

    Gloria and Elden Balzer

    Carol Barber

    Carol and Gage Barbo

    Irene and Jeffrey Barclay

    Darrel Barnes

    Pat R. Barnes

    Susan E. Barrett

    Theresa and Scott Bartl

    Mike Bathum

    Eric Bauer

    Charlene and Burt Baxter

    Joyce and Bill Bayer

    Judy and\ Walter Bayless

    Be of Service Club

    Michelle Beaumont

    Bonna Beck

    Cecelia and Ray Beck

    Mary Kay Becker

    Dorys H. Beecher

    Gloria Beers

    Susan and Paul Belben

    Pamela and Edward Belcher

    Irene and Maurice

    Bellingham Horseshoe Club

    Bellingham Police Assn.

    Margaret and Frank Belzek

    Dorothy and Gordon Benner

    Chris and Doug Bennett

    Robyn and Harry Beresford

    Carolyn and Anthony Bergen

    Janine and Mike Bergeron

    James and Linda Bergquist

    Patricia Bernard Marks

    Catherine Berry

    Merrill G Bevan

    Shirley Bierlink

    Birch Bay Beach Babes

    Dorothy Bishop

    Grace and Gerald Bladies

    Patricia and Gary Bland

    Betty and Robert Blankers

    Patsy and Walt Blauser

    Ida and Larry Blomquist

    Renae and\ R. Anthony Blore

    Grace Bob

    Denise Bobb

    Alta L. Bode

    Norma Bohl

    Anna-Greta and Robert Boice

    Mary and Michael Boice

    Loraine Boland and Ray Nelson

    Brigitte Bolda

    Verna Bomont

    Helen Boraker

    Amber Cousineou and Jean Bott

    Jerre and Edwin Bouma

    Diane Bouwman

    Katie and Richard Bouwman

    Lois Bowen

    Jacqueline and Mike Bowler

    Stuart M. Bowler

    Dianne and William Boyd

    Diana and Gill Brackinreed

    Sharon and John Bradford

    Charlotte and Rob Brand

    Aileen and Edward Brandsma

    Marce and Terry Brennan

    Maryann Breskin

    Tawney Briggs

    Lynda and Robert Brillowsky

    Mary Alice Brimmer

    Pam Brink

    Lorain Brinton

    Davida and Richard Bromley

    J Bromwich

    Myra and Alec Brooks

    Donna and Millard Brooks

    Myrna Brooks

    Freeman Broom & Family

    Brothers Leasing

    Anne Brown

    Shelli and Bill Brown

    Beth and Jerry Brownfield

    Allan J. Brudwick

    Marianne Brudwick

    Ann Bullis

    Darcee Ann Burdick

    Tammy Buresh

    Joyce Burger

    Mary Ann and Lee Burgess

    Barbara and Robert Burke

    Diane and Mike Burkey

    Linda Burns

    Ron Button

    Donna Marie Cahill

    Breanna Cain

    Willard Calhoun

    Sara and Donald Call

    Susie Campbell Cross

    Robert Campbell

    Pat and Bill Canaan

    Arlene Cano

    Doris Canup

    Henrietta and Harold Carbee

    Violet and Irving Carlson

    Judy and Lynn Carlson

    Marvin Carlson

    Roxie and Robert Carrere

    Dorothy Caruso

    Linda and Patrick Casey

    Susan and Robert Casperson

    Dyan and Herald Catlin

    Colleen Chapman

    Linda and Peter Chapman

    Sally Chapman

    Michelle Charters

    Susan Chase-Foster and Robert Dodd

    Elese Childs

    Cindy Christenson

    Jean Christian

    Carol Clark

    Judy and Robert Clark

    DeAnna Claus

    Doris H. Claus

    Karen and Cal Clements

    Nellie L. Clemons

    Maureen Cleveland

    Wayne Cleveland

    Cliffside Community Club

    Cloud Mist Farm

    Susie and Rolan Coberly

    William and Mildred Coke

    Leora and\ Prentis Cole

    Shaaron and Jim Coleman

    Donna and Charles Collier

    Paul L. Colmer

    Community Food Co-Op

    Cleary and Aleen Cone

    Karen and Frank Constantino

    Leslie Conton

    Judy Corliss

    Cornerstone Rentals

    Alison Costanza

    Mary J. Coulter

    Teresa Courchane

    M. Lorraine Cowles

    Catherine and Dennis Cox

    Lisa A Crabtree

    Diana and Jack Crandall

    Rosemary and Richard Crandall

    Gary and Sharon Crawford

    Linda and Ken Crawford

    Karen and Robert Crider

    Judy and Nicholas Criscuola

    Vicki Critchlow

    June E. and Terry M. Crump

    Norman and Barbara Cubanski

    Linda Cummings

    Patricia Cummings

    Diane Curry

    Diane Curtiss

    Carol Cury

    Kathleen and Robert Cushley

    Dr. David and Rebecca Cutler

    Peggy and Robin Cyr

    Therese Daley

    Michelle Dalton

    Mildred R Dalton

    Betty Dame

    Connie and Michael Dana

    Jan Knight and Darrell Darnell

    Ann Davidge

    Ann Davidson

    Fran and Bill Davis

    Frances and Brantley Davis, MD

    Nancy and Donald Davis

    Enid E. Davis

    Peggy Davis

    Kathy and Rob Davis

    Henrietta and Richard Day

    Gladys De Neui

    Charles L. Dean

    Elizabeth Dean

    Jennifer Debay-Burnett

    Joyce and Paul DeBeeld

    Joanne and Jon DeBondt

    Georgia and Jerry Debruin

    Adeline Decker

    Larry DeGolier

    Deanie DeGraaff

    Jackie and Tom DeGroot

    Linda and Joe DeHoog

    Susan Del Rosario

    LaVina Demuth

    Veronica and Donald Deskey

    Ronald Dether

    Lisa and Michael Dhondt

    Carolyn Dibble

    Cathy and Bruce Digby

    Harriet Dixon

    Lila and Robert Dolan

    James Doran

    Joy Dorsch

    Barbara and Wilfrid Dow

    Kristin Downs

    Patricia Drew

    Brenda Drubek

    Ruth Duran

    Patsy Dyksterhuis

    Alyda Dykstra

    Helen L. Ebright

    Katie and David Edelstein

    Patricia Edenfield

    Marsha and Darryl Edin

    Lora and William Edwards

    Patricia Edwards

    Jere and Buck Edwards

    Janet and Gary Eerkes

    Margaret and Peter Elich

    Carol Eller

    Janice and William Ellingson

    Andrea Elliott

    Susan and Kevin Ellison

    Mary Elmer

    Shirley Emmons

    Anne Engbers

    Ilene and Roger Engler

    Luella Erb

    Vickie Erickson-Godzik

    Jack and Gina Estrada

    Elaine J. Etzler

    Shirley Evans

    Kathleen Everett

    Jessica Everson

    Kathleen and Richard Evich

    Catherine Fahrenbruck

    Eugene Fairbanks, MD

    Anjala Farook

    Henrietta Farr

    Missy and Craig Ferguson

    Shirley and Mike Ferguson

    Ferndale OES Chapter #3223

    Maxine Ferry

    Stephen Ferry

    Alise Fetsch

    Devon Flynn

    Kelly Follis

    Forbes Family Trust

    John Forbes

    Billey Force

    Bonnie and Milton Foster

    Linda and Timothy Fowler

    Patricia Francis

    Kelly Freeman

    Wilma and Dale French

    Melani and Peter Frey

    Gerry and John Friberg

    Mary and Rudolph Frick

    Sarah and Ray Froneberger

    Isabelle and Dawane Fryer

    Barbara Fuller

    Christy Fuller

    Gladys Fullford

    Carla Furman

    Ellen Gabinelle

    Miranda Gafoor

    Carol Gahm

    Jacquelyn Gaines

    Susan Gardner

    Carole and Edward Garman

    The GE Foundation

    Judy and Gregory Gehrke

    Anne Geleynse

    Shirley Gelwicks

    Walter Genuit

    Gabriel Ghirardini

    Mary Ghirardini

    Sharonjeet K Ghuman and Harmeet Kaur Brar

    Velda Gile

    Barbara A Gillespie

    Darlene Gilmore

    Dianne and Bill Glenovich

    Marilyn and Charles Goforth

    Marion Goheen

    Yvonne Goldsmith

    Mary and Jim Gonser

    Judith and Donald Goode

    Trudie and Frederick Goodman

    Lara Goolsby

    Mavis Gorman

    Bryan Gorne

    Bonnie Gran

    Barbara and Jerry Gran

    Brenda and David Green

    Robert Green

    Julie and Mike Greene

    P Lou and Steven Greenhaw

    Pam Greenman

    Vernon R Greenstreet

    Mary and Martin Gregory

    Shirley and Jan Gregory

    Valerie Griffith

    Rena and Louis Grillo

    Monica Grimes

    Jan and Bill Grimm

    Grinstead Revocable Living Trust

    Leona and Dr. Richard Groesbeck

    Joyce and John Groom

    Jean L. Gross

    Barbara and Fred Grote, Jr

    Pamela Groves

    Adrienne and Joseph Guay

    Lynne and Dennis Gudbranson

    Irma and Richard Gulick

    Lark and Fawn Gustafson

    Phillippa S. Gustafson

    Jackie Hadaway

    Barbara and Dan Hagedorn

    Karen and Jeff Haggen

    Loie Haggen

    Maureen Haggen

    Maria and Kelven Halsell

    Hollie Hamilton

    Barbara and Kenneth Hamilton

    Doris Hammingh

    Jennifer Hampton

    Ann and Robert J. Hanowell

    Margaret Hanowell

    Glenna F Hansen

    Janet and LeRoy Hansen

    Dixie and Robert Hansen

    Sherrie L. Hansen

    Carol Hanson

    Carole Hanson

    Linda and Wayne Harkleroad

    Sherry Hartvig

    Eileen and Richard Hartzell

    Judy and Jim Harvey

    Carol Haselden

    Betty Haskell

    Harriet and Gene Hatch

    Rita and Leonard Hatch

    Randolph Hathaway

    Charles Howard Haylock

    Pamela Head

    Anna Marie Healy-Falen and Monte J. Falen

    Michael Heber

    Leslie Hecock

    Linda and Gene Heiselman

    Judith and Norman Helland

    Bea and\ Dr. Samuel Hellis

    Melinda and Jim Henderson

    Pamela and Gary Herbert

    Patricia and Daniel Higbee

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Highfield

    Janet and Gerald Hiley

    Renie B. Hill

    D. Elaine and Mike Hinds

    Hinton Chevrolet-Buick

    Susan Hodges

    Robyn and Mike Hoefer

    Charlotte Hoel

    Carol Hofacker

    Irma A. Hoffman

    Frauna and Ervin Hoglund

    Susan Hohenthal

    Delores and Arlan Holleman

    Carol and Richard Holleman

    Judy and Gil Holt

    Jean Holterman

    Nancy and Barney Holtrop

    Jan and Ronald Holtrop

    Judy and John Holz

    Sharon and William Holz

    Patricia Hood

    Rebecca Hoover

    Marcia and William Horat

    Marilyn Horn

    Sheldon Horowitz

    Nancy Baldwin and Vernon Hougen

    Katherine and Richard Hovde

    Linda Hudson

    Margaret Hudson

    Monica Hufnagel

    Pat Hughes

    Joyce and Gary Huisman

    Kathy Humble

    Judi and Roger Humphreys

    Kathleen and Kenneth Hunter

    Sarah Huntington

    Dorothy and Harold Hurlbert

    Jeannine Hurlbut

    Pat Ianson

    Patricia and Richard Illias

    Shirley Isenhart

    Becky and Gary Iverson

    Lynn and Roger Iverson

    Shuhei Iwakawa

    Anita and Andrew Jackson

    Gloria and Derald Jacobson

    Karel Jahns

    Betty James

    June James

    Kelly and Dac Jamison

    Chandra Jansen

    Don Jansen

    The Jazzercise Ladies

    Jean H. Cartwright Trust

    Susan Jenkins

    Judy Jensen

    Mary and Michael Jensen

    Jytte Johansen

    John’s Repair Inc.

    Deanne and Brian Johnson

    Cheryl and Marian Johnson

    Marianne and\ Claud Johnson, Jr

    Delbert Johnson

    Della Johnson

    Kimberly and Lawrence Johnson

    Lola Johnson

    Norma and W. Chad Johnson

    Rose Johnson

    The Joneli Farm

    Harold Jones

    Milton E. Jones

    Vickie and Roy Jones

    Jan and Daniel Jurgensen

    H. Donald Kahn

    Sheryl and James Kaiser

    Ann and Richard Kaiser

    Chuck H. Kale

    Arleene and Stanley Kaller

    Shirley and Paul Kaminga

    L Jean and Gary Kamps

    Cheryl and Richard Karney

    Jerry and Janet Karns

    Kathleen M. Bryant Trust

    Kenola Farm

    Reiko KamaKawa and Chistopher Key

    Barbara Keyes

    Phyllis and Lawrence Kiehn

    Joyce and Dennis King

    Martin and Linda Kink

    Laura Kipling

    Dawn and Lee Kirkham

    Raymond Klander

    Melissa and Leigh Klein

    Becky and Paul Klein

    Jean and Raymond Klingel

    Elaine C and Les Knudsen

    LaDonna and Lowell Knutson

    Dale Kobylinski

    Anne Kohler

    Judith and Gerald Kooistra

    Nancy Kosakoski

    Virginia E. Kostelyk

    Loye and Jerry Kramer

    Gail and David Kratzig

    Nancy and Robert Kratzig

    Beverly Kuljis

    Laurel and Thomas Kunesh

    Duane Kurtz

    Jack S. Kurtz

    Patricia and Steven Lagerwey

    Land Title

    David Langdon

    Maxine and Bob Lange

    Cheryl and Jim Lankhaar

    Shirley and Doug Lanoway

    Jon Larson

    Bonnie and Larry Larson

    Karen and Richard Larson

    Bessi and Robert Larson

    Michelle Lavergne

    Law Office of Lester & Hyldahl, PLLC

    Gerald Leahy

    Fred Leatherwood

    Ann and Dean Lee

    Lisa and Aaron Lemperes, DDS

    Katherine Leone, MN, ARNP and Richard Leone, MD, PhD

    Karen LePage

    Gale and Jerry Leuenberger

    Gale and Jerry Leuenberger

    Michael Levitt

    Linda and W Lewis

    Lorene and Merrill Lewis

    Courtney and LaVern D. Lindell

    LaVern and Courtney Lindell

    June LIndquist

    Sheryl Lindquist

    Kate and William Lingbloom

    Susan and Kenneth Lingbloom

    Faye and John Lobach

    Bernice Loober

    Cindy Lopez

    Elaine Lowe

    Miriam Lowin and Richard Beckenbaugh

    Catherine and David Lucas

    Cheryl and Al Ludington

    Sarah Ludwigson

    Linda and Richard Luke

    Sharon and Gene Luther

    Marji Lykke

    Egbert Maas

    Donna MacDonald

    Jennifer MacDonald

    Marie MacWhyte

    Elizabeth and Larry Mades

    Laura Mager

    Elaine Magner

    Barbara Maher

    Sally and Kevin Majkut

    Jean and Henry Makela

    Mary Ann and James Mallahan

    Patricia Mallahan

    Susan and Richard Malsbary

    Kerin Mana

    Margaret and Bill Managan

    Margaret Manners

    Kathy and Leroy Mans

    Lorie Marcus

    Margarethe L. Allen Trust

    Claudia Marsh

    Joan Marsh

    Mary and Fred Marsh

    Kenneth Marshall

    Jean Cartwright and Al Mason

    Kay and Barry Mason

    Kathi and Bob Matthes

    June and Julian Mayer

    Ruth and Douglas Mayers

    Trudy Mcallister

    Isabel Mccarthy

    Kaye McCartney

    Louise McCartney

    Cynthia McClain

    Anne and Joseph McClain

    Linda McClain

    Corrine and Jack McClaran

    Marilyn J. McClellan

    Barbara and Richard McCollum

    Robin McConnell

    Kathleen and Kurt McCrady

    Susan McDermott

    Bryan and Rochelle McDonald

    Dave McDonald

    Patricia A. McDonald

    Diana and Howard McDowell

    Charles and Judy McEwan

    Yvonne McGhee and Fred Parrish

    Carolyn McGuigan

    Holly and Bruce McLeod

    Helen McLeod

    Pat and Sue Meagher

    Jean Means

    Kirk Melendy

    Judy Melton

    Susan and Herb Messer

    Rosemary and Norman Meyers

    Christine Michaelis

    Kanoelehua and John Miller

    Loree Miller

    Margaret Miller

    Sandra Miller

    Shirley and Hal Miller

    Shirley Jo Miller

    Darlene Millican

    Gwen and Harold Minkler

    Lynda Mitchell

    Jean and Alfred Mitterndorfer

    Norma and Robert Moe

    Kathy Moffett

    Arlene Moldenhauer

    Donna Moldenhauer

    Moldenhauer Family Trust

    Gladys I Moline

    Judith J and Ray Moline

    Evelyn Monroe

    Dorothy and Cliff Montoya

    Ann and Gary Moore

    Theodore Mork

    Joyce C Morris

    Lawrence Mortimer

    Christie Most

    Ann Mueller

    Herta and John Muhlbach

    Jerry L. Mullan and Carol Anne Mullan

    Sandra and Harold Myers

    Sheri and John Nalivka

    Dave and Jean Nelson

    Grant W. Nelson, M.D.

    Joan M Nelson

    JoAnn Nelson

    Carl J. Nemeth

    Linda and James Ness

    Jeanne and Paul Nielsen

    Robert Nims

    Elsie M. Noack

    Charlotte and John Nordgaard

    Leslie and Steven Nordtvedt

    Trudi Norquist

    Karen and C. Norsby

    Northwest Singles Club

    Beverly and Don Noyes

    Geri and Dick Nydam

    Sylvia and Marion Nymeyer

    Michael Oakes

    Donna and Donald Oehler

    Susan and Rick Oiness

    Edna and Frank Oldrich

    Margaret Oliver

    Charlotte and Walter Olmstead

    Gene Olney

    Oly and Wayne Olsen

    Irving and June Olson

    Darla and Daniel O’Malley

    Sally and Frank Ondeck

    Connie and John Osborne

    Mark Osborne

    Catherine Ouweneel

    Gomer and Kathleen Owens

    Rhonda and Brad Oxford

    Mary Lynn and William Palmer

    Irene L Park

    Diane Parker

    Sue and Clint Parker

    Heidi Parrish

    Daina Patitucci and Richard Puryear

    Judith Paulson

    Susan and Julian Pavesi

    Barbara and James Pearson

    Shirley and John Pearson

    Nancy Pelton

    Mary Ann Penney

    A. P. Pentikis

    Linda and Johnny Perkins

    Jamie Permenter

    Brett Pero

    Gail and Robert Perry

    Diane Peters

    Lois Petersen

    Joan Peterson

    Paula Jo and David Peterson

    Linda and Philip Petrasek

    Janice and Robert Pfannenstiel

    Harald Pfeil

    Norma Phelps

    Esther Pierson

    Socorro Pineda-Alvarado

    Barbara Pittman

    Marsha and Steve Pittman

    Gracene and Fred Polinder

    Lois Polinder

    Ginger Pollock

    Nettie L. Post

    Lonnie and Brian Postma

    Marie and Richard Powell

    Kathleen and David Power

    Joanne Powers

    Nicole and Rob Poyner

    Virginia and Bill Pribilsky

    Tuckie and M Price

    Puget Safety Equiptment Co.

    Colleen and\ Jack Quady

    Dolores Querques

    Deborah and Daniel Raas

    Dalinda Race

    Gayle and Harold Rager

    Phyllis and Cindy Rall

    Jackie and John Ramerman

    Denise Ranney

    Ann Rapkoch

    Marilyn and Jerry Rasmussen

    Raymond James and Associates

    Charlotte Reddell

    Linda Reed

    Margaret Reed

    Sandra Rees

    Virginia Reiber

    Nancy Reichel

    Elizabeth and Ernest Reid

    Grace and Robert Reid

    Lorraine Reid

    Dixie and Gordan Reimer

    Ria Rekers

    Patricia Remien

    Dane Renkert

    Iris Reynolds

    Maxine Reynolds

    Janice Rhoton Steele and\ Richard Steele

    Richard T. Taylor Living Trust

    Glenice and Willie Richardson

    Kim Richardson

    Marilyn and Larry Richardson

    Wallace Rightmire

    Marleen and Glenn Rinkel

    Ritz Mamagement

    Deann and Richard Roames

    Robert A Ross

    Ramona and Harold Roberts

    J and D Roberts

    Jerry Roberts

    Lenore Roberts

    Charlene and Morris Robinson

    Kathleen and Chuck Robinson

    Myra and Newton Robison

    Joann Roe

    Richard Roedell

    Mary and Steven Roland

    Donna and Edwin Romjue

    Phyllis Roosendaal

    Rosen Family Trust

    Tom Rosenberg

    Donald Ross

    Viola Ross

    Helen Rossmeisl

    Yvonne Rothwell

    Nancy Rourke

    Vivian Rowe and\ Susan Rowe-Neuman

    Reatha Rudy

    Lyndalea and Mike Ruffner

    Darlene and Jon Saarheim

    Cari Sachkowsky

    Stephanie and Paul Sadler

    Jennifer Sakamoto

    Christine, Frank, Nathan and Kellen Salseina

    Christine Samartino

    Thomas and Patricia Samuelson

    Karla and James Sasken

    Charles Sawyer

    Marsha and Ted Schad

    Joan G. Schader

    The Schader Trust

    Barbara and Norman Scheaffer

    Wanda Schemper

    Suzanne and Hilbert Schimschal

    Judy and Richard Schmitt

    Jane and Ronald Scholten

    Joanne Schultz

    Betteann and Walter Schwede

    Bev and Stan Schwisow

    Jean and Richard Scribner

    Susan and Charles Seaton

    Sarah E Sebat

    Nancy Seiler

    Isabell Sertz

    Clara Severson

    Marsha Shadmand

    Eleanor Shagren

    Miriam R. Shapiro and Greg Schwartz

    Patricia and Ted Sidor

    Kristin and Matthew Siemion

    Jane and Alden Sievers

    Jane and John Sims

    Vijendra Singh

    Carolyn and Anthony Smith

    LaDonna and Clarence Smith

    Gloria Smith

    Jeri and Guy Smith

    Marcia and Jimmy Smith

    John W and Cindy Smith

    Judy Harmon-Smith

    Laurie and Jeffrey Smith

    Leann Smith

    Monty Smith

    Carol and Richard Smith

    Madeleine and\ Dr. Robert Smith

    Suzanne Soderberg

    Patricia Solberg

    Ellie and\ Dr. Ron Solomon

    Phyllis and Merlin Solvang

    Kristin Sommerfeld

    Leslie Sonnergren

    Judy Sophusson

    Michele and Lou Spane

    Kathleen and Vernone Sparkes

    Joyce Specht

    Lindsay and Martin Spencer

    Anne and Michael Spink

    Kathleen and Joseph St. Hilaire

    Barbara and Michael Starno

    Alexandra and John Starr

    Judy Stauffer

    Chuck Steeley

    Margaret Stenvers

    Elaine Sterk

    Patsy and Robert Stevens

    Karen Stinchcomb

    Nancy Stolcis

    Viola and Richard Stone

    Ken Stremler

    Mary Ann Strever

    Catherine Strong and W. Thomas Moore

    Gladys Struiksma

    Sybil Stuart

    Nelda and Ray Stuit

    Janet and David Stutsman

    David and Monica Sulier

    Judy and Terry Sullivan

    Betty and Richard Sumner

    Janice Sunitsch

    Dolores Swanberg

    Rev. Leslie Swenson

    Mary Swinburnson

    Marlene and John Talman

    Mollie and Lee Tan

    Paula and\ Dr. Scott Tarleton

    James Tartari

    Mary D. Taubenheim

    Jodie and Carl Taylor

    Isabella A. Taylor

    John Taylor

    Helga and Roger Taylor

    Darlene Tenaglia

    N Thomas

    Debbie and Jeffrey Thompsen

    Jenny Tjoelker

    Karin Todd

    Rene and Doug Tomaso

    Alene Tomich

    Madeline Tompkins

    Nella and Matthew Tompkins

    Dolores and George Train

    Sally Tucker

    Susanna Tull and David Saporta

    Sharon and Dan Turner

    Twin Rivers Veterinary Service

    Imogene and Wesley Ulrich

    Union Foundry, Inc.

    United Methodist Women

    Wendy Urquhart

    Vac-Tank Western Services, Inc.

    Robert Van Beek

    Petronella Van de Burgt

    Ruth Van Heukelom

    Robert and Fran Van Mersbergen

    Van Mersbergen Special Account

    Gloria Van Moorhem

    P.K Van Wanseele

    Joan Vandehoef

    Linda and Larry Vandehoef

    Jessie and Ted Vander Mey

    Cora Vander Woude

    Phoebe and Bill VanderBoom

    Joanne and Nick VanderVeen

    Nancy Vanderyacht

    Patricia VanDyk

    Susan and Donald Vandyke

    Terri VanDyke

    Mikaele and David VanWingerden

    Patricia VanZandt

    Susan Vaughan

    Carolyn and Ronald Vekved

    Ruth Verbrugge

    Hilda and Martin Vezzetti

    Martha and Thomas Villa-Lovoz

    Gladys and George Visser

    Ruth Vogel

    Sheryl and Richard Vreeke

    Rodney Vroman

    Ann Marie Wadnizak

    Nancy J. Wagar

    Linda Wagner

    Judy Wahlborg

    Gloria Walker

    Janine Wallin

    Priscilla Wallis

    Liz and David Walser

    Judy and Robert Walston

    Patty Walton

    Marie and Sidney Wanne

    Liz Washburn

    Harry and Deanna Watson

    Deanna and Rex Watt

    Shirley Watts

    Cynthia Webley

    Wendy and Paul Wefer-Clinton

    Cheryl and Randy Weg

    Carolyn and Wes Weg

    Guobin Wei

    Ruth and Jerry Weidenaar

    Gay and David Weidkamp

    Diane and Kenneth Weidkamp

    Carol and Marvin Weidkamp

    Karen and Gary Weiman

    Ilse and Fritz Weimann

    Toni Weiner

    Ms. Annie M. Welch, CSJP-A

    Patricia and Charles Wellman

    Ann and Jim Wells

    Robin and Joe Wenderski

    Western Refinery Services

    Les Westphal

    Jeffrey Wheeler

    Kristine Whitman

    Toni and Dennis Whitmyre

    Nicki Fowler and Toni Whitmyre

    Beverly Whitsell

    Dorothy Wienkers

    Terri and Marty Wilburn

    Ruth Anne Wilie

    Claudell and Paul Willis

    Phyllis and Donald Wilson

    Jan Wilson

    Joseph Wilson

    Mandi and Eric Wilt

    Agnes M. Wolten

    Sarah N. Wood

    Pat and Michael Woodke

    Geraldine Woodruff

    Esme Wormald

    Deborah and Keith Worth

    Amy Wyngaert

    Fransena Wyngaert

    Vicky Wynja

    Helen Yates

    Bradley Yeung

    Jill and Mike Yonkman

    Fay York

    Leona and Almer Zander

    Darlene and Pete Zankich

    Lois Zaremba

    Lynn and Art Zawicki

    Lois Zender

    Mike Zimmermann

    Zita Allenby Rev Living Trust

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