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Support for Grief and Loss in Long-Term Care Facilities

Whatcom Hospice recognizes for long-term care staff that work directly with residents, death, dying and grief are prevalent experiences in their working life. Our bereavement program reaches out to long-term care facilities to support staff with their grief and loss. We value the meaningful care staff provide to residents at the end of life. Our program offers individualized grief and bereavement support designed to meet the unique needs of direct care workers.

Available Bereavement Services

Bereavement Services for Directors of Long Term Care Facilities
  • Brief, guided gatherings to intentionally share memories after a loss and to affirm staff for the end-of-life care they provided.
  • Structured times of remembrance and rituals to acknowledge and honor the residents who have died.
  • Education on self-care strategies to help build resilience in coping with grief and loss.

Whatcom Hospice at Your Facility

Skilled Nursing Facility Administrators and Directors are invited to contact our bereavement program to schedule a time to meet for assessment of their facility staff needs. Contact Michelle Walsh, Bereavement Coordinator at (360) 733-5877 or mwalsh3@peacehealth.org